Safety Patrol

Safety patrol is an organization of students in 5th and 6th grade who assist and aid members of the student body in the safe and proper crossing of streets adjacent to the school and other crossing areas before and after school. A school patrol is to look for and utilize natural gaps in traffic as much as possible when allowing students to cross a street.

If given your permission, your student will be trained to be a safety patrol person. A schedule will be sent home every Friday with your student outlining the safety patrol schedule for the following week. Please fill out the permission slip attached and send it to school with your student. Also, the schedule of events is attached that details when your student reports for duty, how long safety patrol duty lasts, and what the jobs are.

The influence of the patrol extends far beyond the crosswalks at which they are on duty. Though the main function of the Safety Patrol is to protect students and reinforce safety practices, the safety patrol prompts members to develop responsibility, dependability, leadership and a sense of social obligation. Students served by the Safety Patrol are provided an educational experience that reinforces school rules and safety practices and school services such as hall monitoring, playground equipment monitoring, school flag responsibility and other miscellaneous duties.

The Safety Patrol is instrumental in providing protection of the students and enhancing the school environment.


8:45            All safety patrol on duty report to the Safety Patrol lockers to get their equipment. It is very important to be on time! If you are Library or Office Post for the day, be sure to bring a good book or studies to work on.  You will not be allowed to visit with other students while on your post.  Outside posts (bikes and busses) get proper equipment from the equipment locker and report to their assigned crosswalk.

9:10            All safety patrol go to class when the bell rings.

12:50 -1:00       Safety patrol on duty report to the equipment locker by  the office.  Walk afternoon kindergarteners from the bus area, through the front doors, and out to recess.

3:40            Safety patrol on duty report to the equipment locker by the office.  Outside posts (bikes and busses) on duty at assigned crosswalk. 

4:00            All posts are off duty.  Please ensure that your student is picked up or has a means of getting home at this time. Have a nice afternoon!

Thank you for serving your school, and for doing a good job!  A patrol who follows the rules and does his/her job well will earn one “dollar” per day on duty to use toward the Safety Patrol Store.  This is not real money, and will be kept in the supervisors’ office so “money” earned does not get lost.